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Our team of highly skilled professionals of EZRA-A will help you to prepare all necessary documents at different stages of foreign trade transactions.

1. Documents to ensure the production of export goods:

- Power of attorney for purchase, instructions for manufacturing, shipping order for export from the warehouse, packing instruction, sipping order for internal transportation, statistical and other administrative internal documents (issued to the company for the purchase of goods or materials necessary for the production or manufacture of goods that are ordered by the buyer or they are offered for sale in another way).

2. Documentation for the preparation of goods for shipment:

- Order for freight and packing instructions, the power of attorney for shipment, shipping order, notice about the distribution of documents, authorization for the supply of foreign trade account specification (documents confirming booking of particular consignment, indicating desirable means of transportation, indicating readiness of goods for shipment, packing requirements and etc.).

3. Documents on payment banking operations:

- Instructions for the bank transfer, bank draft application, notice of the collection payment, a notice about the payment of commercial letters of credit, its acceptance of documents for the payment of commercial letters of credit, the application for a bank guarantee, bank guarantee, letter of guarantee for commercial letters of credit, the collection attorney, Application for documentary credits, documentary credits, notification of the discovery of commercial letters of credit, bill of exchange, promissory notes, debentures (documents by a customer to his bank to make a payment of an amount in a specified currency in these countries).

4. Insurance documents:

- The insurance policy / certificate of insurance / insurance ad.

5. Transport documents:

- The bill of lading, sea waybill, Mate's receipt, cargo manifest, freight manifest, container manifesto commitment letter, forwarding certificate of transportation, confirmation of charter tonnage application-requirement of the administration, freight expense, shipping order, railway bill, freight bill, Car waybill road letter.

6. Customs records:

- Customs declarations, export and import licenses issued by public authorities, exchange control declaration (export, import), an application for the issuance of foreign currency license, cargo declaration, certificate of origin, veterinary certificate, bill of document delivery control.

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